December 11, 2005

Sunday Roast: If I only had a little humility, I'd be perfect.

Cas is currently... sad at life

Today's Sunday Roast. Small, but perfectly formed - rather like myself actually.
Enjoy, and forget not the leftovers.

Good Gifts Catalogue - transcribe books into braile. Please help: £25 buys a Braille book, £100 buys a book with giant print. And £725 actually provides transcription and master copying of a new title. And the name of the Good Giver (or receiver) is entered on the flyleaf. What a nice place to be.

Gizmodo Gift Guide. For the gadget freaks in your life (ie me!)

Color palette creator v1.6. This from LIz, over at Successful Blog. If you are on the lookout for a new colour scheme, but can't think of where to start, just keep hitting the "random base" button till you find one you like. Cool.

Official Google Blog: Public transit via Google. Yes, Google are taking over the world, but this is a good idea! Can they do one for So'ton please :)

Thinking Negative. Funny, but insightful.

Carpetbagger. The NYT's Oscar run-up blog. You might need to login, you might not.

Gmail Clips. An intriguing idea and one I will no doubt be playing around with at some point. Just, not now.

When Christmas Falls on Sunday, Megachurches Take the Day Off. Christmas day, the day you would (if you were devout) go to Church to celebrate the birth of Christ). You would think. I present this to you in the spirit "you what now?!", my on going series of disbelief at the things Americans do. y.ah.oo! One more favourite site of mine swallowed in a giant gulp by Yahoo!. Humph. Ah well, this could be good. I'm reserving judgement.

new Mittens and Snowdrop. The perfect early Christmas present.

The Penguin Podcast: a Christmas Carol. Subscribe to this, do. A free narration of a Christmas Carol, read by Geoffry Palmer (who has a lovely voice)? Got to be good.

Map of the world scaled to population. Note how small Canada and Australia are!


At 4:18 PM, Blogger Jackson B said...

For the NYTimes article on Megachurches, use 'twernt' as your login and password (arigato to
I really enjoyed that article just for the discrepancies it pointed out in the worship of Christmas. Nice.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Cas said...

That's pretty much what I thought :)

At 2:20 AM, Blogger Jackson B said...

yeah I was going to say something more intelligent but I was drunk. Now I'm hungover. I just can't win.

At 10:18 PM, Blogger Cas said...

Lol. I wasn't exactly sounding too intelligent on the post myself.

I do find it... odd... is the only word I can think to describe it.

Christmas = the birth of Christ, and if you are Christian enough to go to church, you're going to want to go on the actual day. On top of that, Sunday = traditional day of worship. Surely you'd want it to be an ubder-special day in church, not even less than normal?


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