December 14, 2005


Right, I've been muttering about doing this for an absolute age now (at least three years), and I have finally got around to doing it.

No, I am not talking about piercing my ears or getting a tattoo (though I have done both of those things, and one on more than one occasion).

Rather, I am talking about getting my own domain name and hosting.

Yes, that is right. Bright Meadow has a new home:

It also has a new look. Nothing super-snazzy, just that little bit different.

That URL again:

What can you expect to find at the new site? The same stuff you have come to know and love at, with added extras. Think of it like ordering a Big Mac and getting the fries and milkshake free. Or, if you are a bit classier, like ordering a three course meal and getting desert and a bottle of champagne gratis.

One more time:

I was going to wait till the Thesis was out of the way till I did the grand reveal, but I never was very patient, and now I've pretty much got things ready, I don't want to wait. I'm as excited as a very excited person right now.

So, update your bookmarks, renovate your blogrolls, spring-clean your RSS, and hightail it on over to

See you there :)