November 07, 2005

i was going to capture a geisha but they're damn nippy buggers

Cas is currently

Have you ever had to sum up what you feel your greatest achievement has been? In 200 words? That isn't your degree? If you have, then you might have some comprehension of why I used todays smilie. If you haven't, then you are very lucky.

Why can't I talk about my degree? Well, because the chappy from the recruitment bureau told me I was not to. The job I am applying for (which will never come off, so this is the last I will be mentioning it) is a graduate postion, hence everyone applying will be a graduate, so your degree doesn't really set you apart. That makes a kind of sense.

At the same time, my degrees (undergrad and the current post-grad) are the two things I am most proud of in my life. Finishing Liverpool was no picnic, what with one thing and the other, and the day I graduated was by far the greatest moment of my life bar none. There were times I really didn't think I would make it, so to be up on that stage, shaking the hand of a man I had never met before, whilst wearing a silly hat and a gown that made me look like a dumpy-arsed penguin, was something special to me. As for this year? Again, not exactly a cake-walk, though for different reasons.

I want to be able to say that the thesis I am currently writing is my greatest achievement (because I truly believe that it is), but I am not allowed to. What else can I talk about? That I was head of machine sales at Whittard of Chelsea is hardly going to cut it. I also don't think talking about this blog thingy I started back in April that has gained me a few new random internet acquaintances is quite what they are looking for. (Though I am proud of both those things too).

So, in order to give me a few ideas, I need you, my wonderful blog minions, to tell me what your greatest achievement has been.

Whilst you are thinking of that, have some pictures I found lurking on the mobile (click for bigger peeps).

The quilt I made for Brother Dearest and his SO for their joint birthdays.
quilt - click to see bigger on Flickr

How many post-grads does it take to program a phone? And I still can't work the damn thing!
Moose & Cas & the Phone - click to see bigger on Flickr


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous meowkaat said...

Now let's clarify... are you looking for accomplishments you can use as your own? hehehe... how sneaky, in that case. Or are you just trying to get jump-started by your readers' stories? Good one, in that case.
No brainer for me- having kids. I know, I know, it's something billions of people do every about giving birth without drugs? That's gotta count for something!
This also might seem small, but one day I jumped into a pond and rescued a drowning toddler. It was over in like five minutes, but I always wonder what he'll be when he grows up.
So for accomplishments,I guess I'm not up there with world explorers or disease-curing scientists, but you know what Mom always said, it's the little things!

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Cas said...

I was looking for interesting stories to jump start me thinking about my own interesting stories.

It didn't help that, when asked, all the Crazy Canalman could come up with was 'well, you were in a few bands in school...' When your own father can't come up with something, then you know you are in trouble.

And I think it might have worked. Reading your comment has given me a germ of an idea.

Oh, and saving a toddler? That's no small deal. Definitely worth a pat on the back :)

Anyone else want to share?


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