October 31, 2005

remember when we used to use real citizens?

Cas is currently

Ok, I'm not sure why I decided to do this, other than that Moose ambushed me with it late at night when I had spent most of the day writing a chapter entitled 'The Theories Behind Electronic Publication' . *1*

Racing Frogs.

Yes, you heard me, Racing Frogs. You create a frog, feed it, train it, be nice to it, and then at night it goes off and races other frogs. It will (apparently) be sending me an email every morning after a race, telling me how it went. I am sure as our relationship develops my frog will soon be letting me in on all the juicy gossip from the after-race parties, and asking my advice on this cute boy-frog from the next pond over...

I think it goes without saying that this is done on the Internet.

So, I started a frog, and will keep you updated on her progress. I thought it might be something nice that we can all do together, me and my blog minions...

Name: Lara Croak
Sex: Female
Pond: Stumpy Creek
Age: Young Hopper (3 days)
Grade: 1
Potential: 17.67
Todays form: 6 - feeling fine today
Fitness: 253
(Speed - 121
Strength - 62
Stamina - 24
Hopping - 46)
Contentment: 160
Owns: 2 items
(Pogo stick,
Anti Pike Transmitter)
Diet: standard
Medals: none
Lara Croak

Go, get your own frog here, make sure they join the Stump Creek Pond, and our frogs can race.

*1*Yes, as boring as it sounds.Back
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At 3:58 PM, Anonymous meowkaat said...

What if there is no Stump Creek Pond to join? Ack!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Cas said...

Oh. Well that's no fun, and a problem I hadn't anticipated.

Checking the site again on a virgin browser (stop sniggering there in the back, grr), Stumpy Creek is actually classed as 'the Region'.

On the first page, (http://www.new.racingfrogs.org/)
1) enter the website
2) you *should* be faced with three zones or regions, and you pick which one you want to race in.
That's where you choose Stumpy Creek (from a choice of Frog Pond, Windymore Lake, and Stumpy Creek).

Perhaps they are mean and what regions you get to chose is based on geography or something? Which would suck and kinda defeat the whole idea. If enough people joined up I was going to create a club and everything and that depends on region...

And yes, I am vesting far too much energy in this. The CC has already had to ban me from playing till I've written at least 1000 words that day. Meany.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Cas said...

But even if you can't join Stumpy Creek, still get a frog. I think they are fun. I had the sweetest email from mine this morning. She came 9th in her first race. I feel so proud :D


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