October 09, 2005

nice to meet you, even though you are my least favourite type of vegetable

Cas is currently

I've been meaning to blog this for ages now since it was sent to me, but... neh.

Better late than never, take a look-see at what one of my internet minions (JB) has found: So You Wanna Build A Rocket?.

He also found this which has earned him my undying devotion (at least until tomorrow morning when something else that amuses me more comes along).

I do like having minions.

If anyone else would like to be a minion, all you have to do is find a funny or something news-worthy, or just generally odd that you think deserves to be on the blog, and email me the link. My contact details can be found somewhere on the blog (consider it a challenge: if you can't find the email address, you aren't worthy of being a minion).

Spooky's Minion contribution - Penguin Jokes.

Being a minion grants you no rights what so ever.
Be emailing a link you are giving permission for the blog-owner (ie me, Cas), to mock you and your choice of links mercilessly , or not, as the mood takes me.
By emailing a link you automatically agreeing to become a minion. There is no esacpe.
Once a minion, always a minion. Mwhahaha.


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