October 29, 2005

i have a rock garden. last week three of them died

Cas is currently

I think I have mentioned once or twice my appauling record when it comes to keeping plants alive. tSPFKAG , the Chives and two of the Basils still going in strong, which does surprise me. The Basils might be explained by now being in a monster pot with lots of other basils on the living room window sill here at Meadow Towers. Everything else I have ever tried to grow = dead.

Which is why I think I just did something very silly indeed. I was in Morrisons today (local supermarket), and they had this poor dejected mystery plant on sale for £2. It looked near dead, and I felt so sorry for it, that I purchased it, brought it home, repotted it, and plan to give it some TLC for whatever remains of its natural life.

There is one problem (other than the fact plants look at me and die), and it is this: I have no idea what sort of plant it is. So I am putting out a call to you, my blog minions, in the hope that at least one of you is more green fingered than myself. Type of plant, and care instructions please!

fuggly_01 Click for clearer picture.

He also needs a name. It's currently being called 'the Fuggly Plant', a name I object to for many reasons, not including its Warriors connotations and the fact that I find the poor thing rather attractive, in a sad puppy-dog kind of way.


At 1:07 AM, Anonymous meowkaat said...

Well, lucky for you, one of your Faithful Readers (that's me) happens to be a florist. You are now the proud owner of an Asplenium, also known as a Bird's Nest fern. New growth will occur in the center of the plant usually. They like to be kept moist. And they are generally a low light plant- meaning a shaded window, or low artificial light (it should cast an indistinct shadow when you hold your hand over where you are placing the plant.)As for a name, well, I'll just leave that up to other, more imaginative readers. Don't want to steal all the thunder. Good luck and feel free to direct future plant inquiries in my direction. :)


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