July 21, 2005

just so long as you return to the planet in time for lunch

Happy Thursday morning to you all :) In my endless efforts to do anything other than research, I bring you the following:

A couple of days ago, the BBC reported a study into why we don't take the train more in the UK, saying that most people had a problem with the smaller stations. Ok, so they are a hassle. Also, north-south is easy. East-west (which is what I have to do), not so much. But my main problem is that it is so fricking expensive! If blogs are so influential, perhaps somehow, the people in charge will get to hear of my plea, and put rail-fares DOWN, not up. There is something intrinsicly wrong with a mode of transport where it is cheaper to fly places than it is to take the train.

The following trail shouldn't amuse me, but it does: Underclassman trailer

I woke up this morning to the very sad news that the actor who played Star Trek's Scotty, James Doohan, has died. It isn't a major surprise, considering how old the original shows are, but it is always sad to see one of the greats die.

Mmmmm, totally unecessary, but all-woody, goodness: Swedex: wooden screens, keyboards, mice etc. This time built like that, not customised by modders. All hail Sandbenders :)

I like space. It is one of my dearest ambitions to get into space one day. Who knows, if we find evidence of life on other planets, I could be the first Xenoarchaeologist! (I read too much SF). Anyway, because I love all things techy and spacy, this is rather groovy: Google Moon. Launched to commemorate the first moon landing on July 20 1969, it is some Nasa imagery on the landing sites. Similar to the very cool (if currently only US-based) Google Earth but, well, on the moon! Tip: zoom in for an easter egg :)

David Tennant should have more faith in himself! I loved him in Casanova, and when he appeared at the end of the last Dr Who, I got goose bumps. This may be because I never followed the previous series' as religiously as some - I knew they existed, but for some reason I prefered Star Trek. Hey ho. Can't wait for the new series though :D (David Tennant has fears over role as new Dr Who)

Yep, it's a space-themed blog today. Found this in the IHT this morning: an op-ed piece about how well Europe is doing in Space. Watch out, indeed, America.

Oooh, pretty free pictures! Free database of photo's - IHT article and www.photomuse.org. Exciting times.
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At 1:35 PM, Blogger WereTeddy said...

Google Earth is US based, but it still has some international capabilities. Not much mind you...but some. I was cruising the streets of Paris the other day. *grins*

Gah...I love how the media spins things. "its failure should not have overshadowed the fact that Europe's first interplanetary spacecraft is operating flawlessly."

It's not operating flawlessly...the lander was a part of the craft, and since the lander disappeared (stolen by martions to make more tripods of course) then it cannot be said to be working flawlessly...but anyways...

Someone needs to whip NASA into shape...the problem is that all the aerospace geniuses on this side of the pond are going to work for corporations...

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Cas said...

That, and your oh-so-wonderful administration is slashing it's funding to the bone.

I liked the way they completely ignored the Russian presence in space in the article. They are the ONLY group who have had an almost continual presence in space since the beginning.

As for corporations/private, that's where the exciting stuff happens, not government funded stuff. Not sure who I am quoting, but you can be pretty sure that if the US (or any government) had been responsible for finding a cure for Polio, you'd have the best iron lung in the world, but no vaccine.

Actually, I think that was a West Wing quote, but I stand by it: the beauty of that program, as mentioned many times before, is that it has a quote for all seasons :)


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