July 11, 2005

it was a book to kill time for those who like it better dead

Well, I have come up with a use for my other blog, Dark Meadow. If you go over there, you will find a nice introductory post, entitled Welcome to the Dark Meadow blog, and the first of hopefully many reviews of the books in my booklist.

John Wyndham's "Stowaway to Mars"

And yes, I am aware of the overal pervailing sense of greyness that has once more descended on my blogs, but I was fed up to the back-teeth with the old scheme, and wanted a change. I'm working on something slightly less... grey... but for now, enjoy :)


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Jackson B said...

Oh I like this! Its very smooth & neat & tidy!

At 10:46 PM, Blogger Cas said...

Why thank you kind sir :)

Smooth, neat, and tidy. Three words that I never thought I would hear in a sentence used to describe me, or anything of mine (unless that sentence was prefixed with 'not'). To totally overuse a word I've got from watching too much Firefly lately, shiny.


Still not totally in love with the grey though.


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