June 25, 2005

the stickiest situation since sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun

I am on the hunt for a new mouse, and the traditional techniques of a trap and some cheese are just not working. My trusty mouse (Kenny) is on the verge of giving up the ghost as we speak - the number of post-its around my computer are multiplying exponentially as I frantically work out/define keyboard shortcuts. QuickSilver is proving to have been well worth the download. Kenny is a wonderful two-button and wheel cordless optical mouse. He interfaces with the shiny mac via a little USB dongle-thingy that twiddles to get out of the way of other things. I've never had a problem with Kenny. Kenny is my friend. Alas, Kenny is getting a little tired. He no longer likes to click on things, or he decides that he doesn't want to let go once he has selected things. Add all this together with other behavior that isn't conducive to happy mac-use, and I think it it is time to get another mouse.

Why is this so hard, I hear you cry? Surely, just pop down to the local PC World, or Curry's, or Maplin (*insert computer peripheral store of choice in here*), buy one, and stop this yacking! First off, I am picky, and there are lots of things that I look for in a mouse. Optical, cordless, rechargeable mainly. And pretty to look at. This is actually important to me - I have a remarkably shiny laptop 1 [Called the 'Pocket Calculator' by the Cute Canadian.], a slick and shiny keyboard, a second screen in a similar style, and a wonderful stand for the laptop. It would be nice if the mouse didn't look out of place. One mouse I found that did most of what I wanted it to had 'Microsoft' emblazoned all over it. No - thank - you! Second, I am a girl on a budget 2. [The number of DVD's I've brought lately not withstanding.] Some people might think that it is ok to spend £40 and more to get the mouse of their dreams, but alas, I need to eat occasionally as well. Girl can not live by browsing alone. Thirdly - and this is the clincher - it needs to be a decent mouse because I use it a lot, as evidenced by the fact I've used Kenny to near destruction in just under two years.

I've spent the morning trawling all the online retailers I can think of. I did find one potential at PC World, decent price as well, but factor in the £5 p&p, and you're approaching the price range where it starts to make sense to shell out the extra to get the shiny Apple bluetooth mouse 3. [This comment amused Moose. I can see her point - I am rather good at justifying buying the more expensive items...] I just wish that everyone would be clear as to what the specifications are! Some look cordless from the pictures, but really are corded. Others don't tell you how they are cordless (dongle or base station), and others don't say how you are supposed to recharge them! ARGGGGGGH!!!!!

(worry not, normally service will resume after the break)

~*~ The Break ~*~

There just aren't the right words in my vocabulary: The Biniki.

Oh, and in the ongoing quest to keep Moose happy, I will return to making all (external) links open in a new window. The coding is a bit of a fudge, but anything to keep the peace. ;)

Funky Chunky Rat Jewelry. Why not?

Cup-A-Cake. The Americans are getting odder every day.

:( Ouch


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What kind of laptop did you get?


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