May 20, 2005

that's not all i do - i gave a penguin a bath today!

I suppose that this could have waited, but I wanted to share now, darg-nabbit!
Once more, the lab has much to answer for: somehow, in between being thumped and patted by the Belgian; making endless cups of tea; giving my supervisor even more reason to believe I am off my rocker (most of the faculty are already under the impression I am the tiniest bit... silly, and I have to admit, I do nothing to disabuse this theory - there are days when I am the blondest brunette in Hampshire); and drinking the endless cups of tea, I found time to extend my musing-powers to the Belgian's PhD, and to watch more penguin related humour.

Before you ask, no, I didn't get much work done. What makes you think I spend the day in the lab to do work? Silly. Any one would think I was actually at uni to study.

Thanks to the Nordic Ninga and Neko for making sure I got to see these... I know they are evil media-player format, but put up with it.
That Friday Feeling
Me, BT (before tea) every morning


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous RIB said...

I hope they give you extra marks for helping your fellow students...


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