January 01, 1990

The Usual Suspects

There is a kind of rolling cast of friends, family, and general acquaintances, who get mentioned a fair bit on the blog. Those that get mentioned most frequently are:

  • Bimbostar - the girl lived with me for three years in Liverpool and is still talking to me at the end of a fourth year of acquaintance. Must be friendship.

  • Brother Dearest - currently doing high-fa-luting things in the City. He's the success in the family. I plan to be a penniless academic for a few more years yet.

  • Celtic Vixen - an Irish Osteologist, who’s going to join me in starting up a coffee shop cum bookshop cum bakery cum craft store cum music store cum whatever else we feel like.

  • Clompy - It's all in the name. Flatmate. Noisy. Grrr. Occasionally referred to as the Psychotic Stick of Blonde Candyfloss.

  • Curly Durly - my mother. Wonderful, wonderful woman. I don't have the words.

  • JB - one of my more serendipitous random internet acquaintances. British, living in Japan, got a blog, check it out.

  • Jeff - formerly referred to as 'Option Two', but this was thought to be a mite insulting, and indicative of a ranking/preference that doesn't actually exist. Despite appearances, his blog name isn’t as random as it seems.

  • Latvian Lovely - flatmate par excellence. Doing exciting stuff with Jewish History and the philanthropy shown to immigrants by naturalized Jews in late 19th Century London.

  • Moose (sometimes invisible and psycho) - After a rocky introduction the first morning when I hadn't yet had my cup of tea (*shudder*), we bonded over a mutual love of West Wing and movies, and a mutual loathing of Clompy.

  • Neko - a live role-playing, poise-wielding, reenactment nut, and climber who also does post-grad study into archaeological computing. A girl with a some very funky hair colour ideas.

  • Nordic Ninja - a fellow post-grad, and well-versed in some vicious martial art (hence the name).

  • Pimp Girl - name to the contrary (which she selected herself, by the way), really a lovely person who has demonstrated no overt tendencies to sell people’s bodies over the past year.

  • Raven Master (previously Kris III) - a not-quite-fellow post-grad, seeing as how he is doing a different program, but it's still archaeological (kind of). Likes his birds, does the Raven Master.

  • River Queen - likes rowing. A lot. Rather good at it too. Yet one more archaeological/bone/dead-people post-grad.

  • Spooky McDougal (Chris I) – a fellow post-grad. He just has to look at my computer and the thing roles over and asks for its tummy to be tickled! Annoying, but useful. He's also a dab hand at animating penguins.

  • The Brainy Snail - another survivor alumni of Liverpool. Currently embarking on something scary, intelligent and DPhil-like in the field of Archaeology at a famous university in the South/Middle/ish of the UK. She's new to this whole blogging-deal, so you have to be nice to her.

  • The Crazy Canalman - my father, so called because he is, well, my father! Known in the family as the Crazy Canalman because he lives on a 47ft semi-traditional narrow boat, currently moored outside of Warwick.

  • The Cute Canadian (the CC) - as the name suggests, he's cute, and he's Canadian. We’ll leave it at that for now, seeing as how this is a family blog.

  • The godhead - the supervisor for my thesis. At times I could willingly jump up and down on his head, laughing maniacally, but on the whole he's a good egg.

  • Tiana - ahh, wonderful Tiana, and the only one who knew me before Cas. I do shudder to think what I was like then! I have nothing else to say but plink, squwibble, angrensim, flibble, eep, and buck wild. Oh, and chocolate oranges.

  • Tilly (Chris II) - one more fellow post-grad. Not sure why this name, but it's what he wanted to be called, and who am I to argue? Apparently I am his muse (diaphanous costume not required).

  • tSPFKAG - the Spider Plant Formerly Known As George


At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Cas - this is the Brainy Snail. havn't worked out a blog password yet so thought i'd be ostensibly anonymous but give the game away in my greeting. Just to say congrats on new flat... sounds lovely!


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